Vintage Wood or Metal Ad Signs

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I mentioned last week that I spent the weekend at my family’s cabin in Tahoe. I wanted to do a follow up on a post I did on Vintage metal & wood ad signs. My mom decorated the cabin in Tahoe with these cool Tahoe vintage signs. I love how they suit the ambience and vibe of the cabin. Here is a couple of photos of how she decorated the cabin walls with vintage ad signs:

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

These are the wood signs that are hung in the living room.

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

This metal sign is hanging above the kitchen / dining seating area. The other side of the wall has several barn stars, both turquoise and burgundy which match the floral fabric on the bench cute.

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

Old vintage ads from Tahoe winter Olympics in 1960, my mom found at a flea market in Tahoe. A big wall space on the stairway going upstairs. I love how she hung the vintage snow skies and poles on the wall with the ad signs, they tie together nicely.

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

Vintage Wooden Ad Sign

Sorry the photos turned out a bit dark, there was a glare from the sun shining through the window and I couldn’t get a good picture from my iPhone. Just, another great way to decorate your walls without having to spend too much money.

Happy Monday!

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