Z-Gallerie 2011 is All About Stripes

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The last few weeks I’ve been looking into outdoor furniture and accessories. Z-Gallerie has new black and white outdoor accessories and I am personally a big fan of stripes even in my wardrobe. It’s a perfect mix of feminine & masculine touch, that’s why I am so drawn to stripes. To me black and white is one of the most striking combinations together but when you do it in stripes it becomes even more bold!

The outdoor Venezia pavilion pictured above does it all for me.
Perfect next to a pool with some comfy lounge chairs! Also, I think it would look amazing with solid accent pillows and cushions, perhaps yellow or orange. By adding a single color to accent the black and white stripes it really becomes a nice focal point.

This Area rug could be use indoors or outdoors, it’s pretty versatile.

Paper Lanterns with black & white stripes look beautiful in a back yard, deck or patio!
I am a huge fan of Z-Gallerie and get so much inspiration every time I go to the showroom, it is so phenomenal. Z-Gallerie has a nice mix of modern elegance, with a trendy and rustic style as well. Right now I am also loving the pavilion. I would buy one if I had a back yard but I live in a condo so that wouldn’t work for me.

What are your thoughts on black and white stripes for decorating?
Happy Friday!!

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